Monday, 23 July 2007

Busy doing...

Constance kindly asked if I was OK. Doing very well, just very busy with arranging things for the upcoming move and ... reading Harry Potter of course. I didn't go to any fancy party but Some Pink Flowers tells wonderfully about one she went to. I just got up early and got a copy from Costco, where a man before me walked away with 5 full boxes. I feel an extra connection, since we used to live in Edinburgh. Not that this has anything to do with potter, but we lived near the Botanic Gardens.



somepinkflowers said...

OMG, amermaidmmv!
i came to check on you
and you are Harry Pottering, too!

love that.

i have not been to the botanical gardens
in Edinburgh in years!
i had forgotten all about it.
thank you so much for the link.

you must go to Kew Gardens when you are settled in after your move.
**bet you have been there before**
i go every chance i get.

so much to see THERE
and you will have to share it HERE.


thanks for mentioning
my Potter party posting!
[i'm on page 137]

Anonymous said...

Dear Shin,
Glad your enjoying HP land! Do you know Lea? Check out her blog and scroll down to her last post. I live in NJ. Maybe we will get to meet before you launch off to the UK. Have a great day and thanks for your visit!

Anonymous said...

I left Lea's Link but it didn't go through, so here we go again.

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