Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Change of address


This is the card I designed to send to everybody, to let them know our change of address. It will all be offset printed in a nice heavy cardformat like these.


somepinkflowers said...

what a great card!
you are so talented...

your little adorable ones
will have such fun in London!

i can not even imagine
the daunting task
of moving 5 people overseas
but i bet you are well practiced!

my most difficult thing
would be packing all my arts & crafty things...

good luck with you move!
hope you can keep up
with your etsy & your blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Mermaid,
Your moving card is fabulously creative. So are you.

emfash said...

good luck with the move Shin!!

Unknown said...

Thanks all! :) Shin

Anonymous said...

Lovely card! Best of luck with your move.

Anonymous said...

Hows the moving plans coming?
Hope all is well Shin. ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Felicia and yes we are doing all very well, thank you Constance. :)

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