Tuesday, 3 July 2007


They call it the Sunshine State, unfortunatly we had two whole mornings of rain! Still we had a very good time and the hotel we were in at Boca Raton was beautiful with lots of nice things to photograph.
boca raton

boca raton

boca raton


boca raton

You'd think I'd come back rested, but I was so tired I fell asleep while putting the little one to sleep, so didn't have my usual evening time to do things for myself. But now I've managed to put the pictures up.


somepinkflowers said...

well done, amermaidmmv!

sorry about the rain,
we call it liquid sunshine
[How silly, really!]

anyway, looks like you had a great time
and thanks for sharing!

am going to pop over
to your flickr to see it all...
i may need to revisit Boca again soon.


PS-i do so love that first shot!
that sculpture girl is so saucy and bold...
she looks just like me [<--a lie!]

amermaidmmv/Shin Young said...

Somepinkflowers, you're always so kind. The rain wasn't actually that bad. I really enjoyed our stay.

somepinkflowers said...

you have been tagged
with a Rich Reward from me...

hope you do not mind.


Rochambeau said...

Ms. Pinkflower sent me. Just want you to know I like Mermaids, so I like you too. Also, the first statue has style, flair and drama. I like a person with S,F,and D.

amermaidmmv/Shin Young said...

aaaah, somepinkflowers, you make me jump for joy with such a wonderful reward!

And Rochambeau, welcome to my blog. SPF is soooo nice to send you over. I'll be visiting soon. :D

Felicia said...

I hope you had some fun there. I grew up in Florida and still miss it :)

easyjourney said...

Florida has so many days of sunshine and you had to pick the 2 days that didn't! LOL! It looks like you made the best of it. You take great photos! And boy do I wish I had feet that looked like yours! I think I have the world's ugliest feet! Yours are so pretty! xxoo Astrid

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