Saturday, 14 July 2007


As I wrote we went to London. We didn't do any sightseeing at all though. Luckily I've been there many times already when I did and in the future I'll have lots of oppertunities to do so much more, because we'll be moving to London (or officially the greater London area).
I'm very excited. To give a little more background about myself, I was born in Korea. My parents moved to the Netherlands when I was one year old. I grew up there, so Dutch is my first language. After our marriage we moved to Edinburgh, where our oldest two kids were born. Then after four years, we moved to the US, where our youngest was born and now we are headed back to the UK. We're aiming to have all our stuff shipped end of this month, so I'll be a little sparse and even disappear a bit from blogland, but as soon as we're settled, I'll be back full time.

Since I always carry a D70 around, I would hope to take these type of pictures soon (all taken with a D70 by Phil Askey)


somepinkflowers said...

the british museum,
the reading room!

you must be beyond excited
about your move!

hope we can look forward
to london postings in the future...


Anonymous said...

Dear Shin,
How exciting! I'll look forward to hearing about your tales in the UK. Thank you for visiting Rochambeau. You brighten my day.

PS You are an adventurous Mermaid!

Unknown said...

Thanks Some Pink Flowers & Constance. I'll defenitly post lots of London pictures as soon as I'm settled in, but that might be a while.

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