Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cooking with delight

While we were living in the US, we lived in an area where we had no gas. So that meant for the first time in my life to have to get used to electric cooking. Since my oldest two were quite little still and were very fussy eaters, that combination electric and fussiness, made me kind of not really cooking anymore. I did gather lots of cookery books, 'cause I still loved looking and reading about it. Now in the UK we're back to gas and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I always like it when people use a plate to put their spatula and other cooking accessories on. I like it too, but the dishwasher was always so packed that it didn't warrant the use of an extra plate. Somehow the dishwasher here manages that slightly more, extra plate kind of thing. So that's what I did while cooking today. The fact that the picture is a bit unclear is because of the steaminess in the kitchen while cooking.

So today we ate "baked" potatoes. I always preboil them and I love it when I manage to get them out at the just right moment to finish them baking to a golden glow.

And we had pork chops with sage, which I saw Jamie do on his new show. I bought the new book which is as always very nice. Especially the sage is superdelicious. I think it's the first time I've used fresh sage and I can definitly recommend it.

After dinner we heard a sound as if glass fell off the shelf. We went to have a look in the kitchen, but didn't see anything on the floor. When I later was tidying up, I suddenly noticed that a glass had spontaneously broken while stacked on top of another. Very strange
Well as they say in Dutch glass shards bring luck.


Anonymous said...

Always wishing you lots and lots of luck! Especially in this new phase of your life!

Unknown said...

Thanks Constance! :)

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