Monday, 24 September 2007

Pink Roses

I wanted to send my dear blogging friend SPF Some Pink Flowers. One of the joys of being back in Europe is having access to not only cheaper, but also somehow fresher flowers. I love having flowers in the house, so today I bought some pink ones. SPF seemed a little bit taken aback by the arrival of autumn, so I thought these would cheer her up. She always makes my day with her poetic posts. These are for you
Some Pink Flowers


somepinkflowers said...

i love them...i do!

i am so excited!!!!!
what a cutie little vase!
i am all over having a sad fall
now that you brought me
some *spring*
what a nice thing to do!

[these aren't made of legos,
are they?]


Unknown said...

You are very welcome my dear
[and really not made from Lego]

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