Thursday, 11 October 2007


I love blogging. I love the challenge I've set myself. However I find that too many people have been busy in the past and babies are being born around me. So now I find myself busy making things for little new world citizens. Also with the approaching holiday season it will be getting busier with making things in general. So I've decided to finish the challenge a bit earlier.

Without really blogging about it, but inspired by SPF's stolen moments in time, and these beautiful photographs, that's how I've stumbled upon Blipfoto. This is my new challenge. I'm trying to upload a picture a day (you're only allowed one a day) and I'm making sure I don't overlap with this blog photowise (might do storywise). I love the community there. They are very supportive and the pictures everybody makes are amazing.

To round my design round off. I'm leaving you with this last design, which is actually a bit of a cheat, 'cause I made it already in March after stumbling on this gorgeous site and being inspired by the song, which ever since has been a daily listen on my ipod with or without kids listening with me. The design hasn't been on my blog before, so I feel I can use it today.



somepinkflowers said...

you are so making me sit inside
on a pretty day!
so much fun here!

thanks for the mention
of my little *stolen moments*
blog. thanks, thanks, thanks!


a self-challenge is good
because it makes you look at things differently...

i loved the dollies you are making
and will visit them again
to check on their sweet progress.

these baby-dolls
will zoom out of your etsy!
just you wait and see!

if i made them
i would fall in love with each one
and most-likely
would have a hard time
sending them on their way...

[ i am sure they will be much loved,
do not worry ]

rochambeau said...

Dear Shin,
You are on a roll girl. Your dolls look terrific. And you have a special delicate and beautiful touch to all you do that. I admire and appreciate your style! Looking forward to your photo of *stolen moment* with SPF. Isn't she the most fun friend?

Don't totally understand the site at the bottom, but it seems like it's a good thing.

All for now.
Blue, Lisa and I morphed the Halloween idea into a party if your interested you little mermaid.

rochambeau said...

Just saw the lady bugs. So great!
Thanks! Also thanks for sending the link and letter to me too! ;-)

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