Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Thanks everybody for the well wishes. The ball was wonderful. It was so much fun meeting so many new people. I thank everybody who left a comment. Lately I've been wanting to set myself a challenge. I've been playing with several ideas, but this one won. I want to make a graphic design for the next month. Since it is the 2nd today, I'll continue till November 1st. Reason for me to do so is because I always like making my own cards for any celebration or mentionable event, but most of the time I run out of time. Partly because I don't have a "library" of my own designed things, even though they are roaming inside my head. So hopefully by doing this challenge, I'll end up with my own library of patterns, I can use whenever I need them. I actually made a few designs last year and I've been using them with great joy (if you look closely at the background pattern). I had the vague intention of doing more, but to my surprise today, almost a year has passed and I haven't. So another incentive to start doing things.

I heart cupcakes, tea and flowers

The "Chinese" character actually means new and is pronounced Shin, which is my name.


somepinkflowers said...

good for you to
have a challenge!
i love it...
simple, clean, colorful graphics.
like a good textile design.

So... you were the new one, shin?
were you the first baby
in your family?


i started my own challenge last month...
here it is:

to add a photo everyday
if i have computer access...
a stolen moment of time.

i hope you share your designs here
so we can enjoy!
above all...
**have fun**

Unknown said...

Thanks SomePinkFlowers. Actually I'm the baby of three. I think because of my name, I enjoy doing many different things in art. After I've done something, I want to do something NEW again.

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