Sunday, 7 October 2007

Garden Bliss

Today I was browsing for things to do in the area we live and I stumbled upon the RHS Garden Wisley. Less than 5 miles from where we live, it looked very nice to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I wasn't wrong. We had a wonderful time. We took a membership pack and received a wonderful book, which I didn't know I'd get as a gift by becoming member and almost bought. The kids received a backpack with some wonderful stuff. The best was a card with things they had to find in the garden, like lavender, sunflowers, tomatos, bumble bees together with a felt tip pen, which on the opposite side had a stamp with the image of a ladybird. So the kids had a lot of fun running around trying to find these things.

walking around

somewhere in the background you can see me walking with my son, trying to find the toilets

Isn't it beautiful

Being envious of such a gorgeous vegetable patch

My youngest also enjoying the garden

Savouring all the colours autumn has to offer

beautiful recycled (from pressed wood) and recycable wooden cutlery in the cafe


On a different note, having moved from the US to here, it's fun to rediscover UK favorites. Somehow I don't remember which jam we liked best, so I thought it would be fun to do a test and test several jams. I bought five to try, I'll let you know the result



And to finish today with a simple design

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