Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm back

We came back late last night from a wonderful time in the Netherlands. Our main reason to go was that our very good friends had their son baptised.
After the church we went to Humphrey's to celebrate and this cafe/pub is absolutely gorgeous. I'll post more pictures of this magical place later this week

We also visited Blijdorp, a zoo which is 150 years old. This Zoo has a nice personal story, which I'll tell in more detail also another day

Pretending to be bulls

The beach

baking cookies at Tante Welmoet's home

This was in Naturalis, where you can see my little son's shadow on the wall

Visiting Opa in Veere, which is one of the oldest places in the Netherlands to be granted cityrights, but has hardly changed in size in more than 750 years, so in my estimation must be one of the smallest cities in the world

Nice walks with Opa

Seeing wonderfully Kitsch Postcards

encounter with a cow


Now on a different note, I just caught up with a few of my favorite blogs and read onAbby try again that there is a wonderful bookreview week going on. I love books and though a bit late, I'll join today with two of my favorite art books.

Rik Wouters, a Belgian painter.



August Macke known for his gorgeous watercolors.



Both painters I like for their use of colour

I'll be back tomorrow with my favorite craft books


Diane Dehler said...

These books look like they have gorgeous watercolors. I went ahead and linked your blog and will check back again.

Michelle said...

Those are some wonderful pictures! Hi! I found you though someone's links. I'm looking forward to seeing your favorite craft books.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mermaid Shinny,
Thank you for sharing your photos of your trip. It means a lot to me!
Looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!


My favorite photos?
Your daughter making cookies,
and the giraffe and sclpture/bust.

somepinkflowers said...

there is something so endearing
about kids
photographed from behind...
walking on the beach,
making cookies,

these are my favorite
because the children
are *enthralled*
in what they are doing
are not posing.
they are busy being kids
and i love that!


the colors in the beach photo,
the patterns in the cookie photo...
these give us a glimpse
of the beautiful art
that surrounds us daily.

your eye edits out all the minutia
gives us simple, pleasing design...

Unknown said...

Thanks Princess for dropping by and linking! IMO Macke is the king of watercolor.

Thank you too Michelle. I'm gathering my craft books as I speak, but I can hear the little one on the babyphone as I type, so I can't be sure I'll be up for much longer

Constance what fun that you're letting me know which photos are your favorites. It makes you think about what other people see differently. My personal favorite is the one with them taking long walks with Opa

SPF, as always so very kind with your comment. I agree with you that non posed pictures are very nice. They are more real life than any other. Alhtough posed pictures can be very fun too.

monART said...

Hello Group 11 swap partner,
I just checked in to say:
Have a creative day ;-)

ps. Oh I see you've had a lot of fun here in The Netherlands ;-)

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