Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Invite to a ghostly Halloween party

There is a stir going through Bloglandia. Everybody is getting ready for the Gasthliest, Ghouliest, Ghostliest party of the year

Everybody is invited. I'm getting into Halloween mood.

I made these last year, but they were all given away, now I'm going to make another series to keep. I'm making one extra boy and girl skeleton. If anybody is interested, leave a comment and they might be on their way to you


rochambeau said...

Dear Shin,
Ooooooooh yes, sign me up for the skeleton drawing!!!

Have you ever met Elsa at Rekindled Spirit?
If not, you should meet!!

Thanks for spreading the spooky word!!

somepinkflowers said...

are you kidding me?

i would *ADORE*
any treat from you!

put my name in your cauldron,
missy mermaid!


see you
at the halloweenie party...

somepinkflowers said...

was doing chores
when a mental picture
of your halloweenie skeletons
popped up in my head...

the girls are wearing *skirts*

i thought so!


so very cool!

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