Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A little bit of spring?

I'm thoroughly enjoying autumn. I think if I were to choose (quite happy that I don't have to) it would be my favorite time of year. I love it that the trees turn into bright colors, I love it that the weather turns a bit cooler, giving a sense of coziness when you're warm inside the house. I even like it when it rains, like it did today. So I don't know why today's design is something spring. Perhaps it's because my son was asking when it would be Summer again, which actually made me think about Spring and looking forward to be able to do some sowing of seeds.



somepinkflowers said...

oh, girl,

i so love how you put
that one red flower,
and the 2 yellows,


it makes the entire design

Unknown said...

Thanks SPF!

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