Monday, 8 October 2007

To eat or not to eat

When we had just moved here, the little one decided to take a bite out of mushroom from our new garden. I have a mushroom book, but could not identify it. So we rushed to hospital, they could not identify it either. So he was fed charcoal and it took 7 hours before we were back home. Luckily all was well and he was fine. Despite me having a mushroom book, I'm not too sure about identifying them. It's on my list of wanting to do, learn more about identifying mushrooms, so possibly I can go on a mushroom hunt in the forest and try to find some edible ones. This garden keeps being full of wonderful mushrooms. However I'm quite sorry that because of his eagerness to explore the unknown, I have to get rid of all the mushrooms in the garden, or I can't leave him unattended for a second to play by himself. It's quite a pretty sight.

Btw, this wasn't the mushroom he ate

And today another hearts inspired design


Anonymous said...

Glad things worked out ok. Love those pretty mushrooms.

Unknown said...

Thanks Felicia!

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