Saturday, 17 November 2007

... and another

I didn't think I'f finish this one tonight, but I did. So here is my third. I'm trying to get them in my etsy shop (which is empty right now) for tomorrow.



somepinkflowers said...

these cards are stellar,
all of them!


i just looked through
**Blueprint Magazine**
[do you get it there?]

and the holiday cards
that are featured
in that magazine
were not half as fresh
and creative.

your color choice, etc.
...very well executed.

you have an eye for this
and i hope you sell them
on your etsy
i think they would sell successfully
in retail stores.

[ how do you get there from here,
into retail stores? ]

Unknown said...

Oh thank you SPF. you are always so kind. unfortunatly I don't have Blueprint Magazine here. I used to get it occasionally when we were still in the States. And your final question... I think many of the designers out here on Etsy have that same question. :)

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