Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Busy times

Main priority in my life is to keep everybody in our family happy. The three kidlings come first. Then comes the basic necessities of keeping a household going like cooking (which I actually enjoy a lot) making sure everybody can wear clean clothes etc. etc. After that I have time left to do anything creative. Right now my list of todo things is getting big. I think I'm no different than many of you when Christmas time is nearing. Of course I had to sign up for this
christmas swap
I'm really looking forward to this and I have a few ideas roaming my head. We'll see what they end up like.

My dear SIL got her PhD yesterday and I was working all last week on three collages. A triptych of her two daughters and her mother who passed away some time ago. I managed to take a glimpse of a corner of one of the collages, but then was so busy that I had them all wrapped up before I could take a picture of the finished three frames.

And after not having blogged a while, it makes me want to write about a lot of things. I'll pick just a few, because I still have so many things to do. One is that sweet Elsa posted one of my personal favorites as well. Then she also mentioned she used to have a Holly Hobby lunchbox. I still have mine, which I actually never used because when I grew up in the Netherlands, you'd get an hour to get back home and have lunch there, so a lunchbox was never needed. But I loved it and used it to carry all kinds of things in around. I loved Constance's post here.


rochambeau said...

Somehow I just KNEW you and Elsa would have the same lunch box!!;-)

Hope all is well. Can't wait to see your triptych!

Congratulations for SIL! I admire her greatly!

Getting ready for a show tomorrow.
Have a fun weekend Shinny!!


Unknown said...

Thanks Constance

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