Sunday, 18 November 2007

Saint Nic

Last year I posted a picture about how the Dutch celebrate Saint Nic. He always arrives in the country around this time of year from Spain by steamboat and the kids are allowed to put their shoe in front of the fireplace and they get something. Anything ranging from chocolate letters (their first initial) to pepernoten. Our oldest two are in the age that they loooooooooooooove the celebration. So tonight was the first time they were allowed to put their shoe in front of the fireplace. Tomorrow they will find their initial in chocolate and a book. These are the drawings they made for Saint Nic this year.

The girl
My daughter of seven

The boy
My son of five (his skills have improved so much over the last year, both of them make me so proud)

The pictures are a bit crumpled because the youngest of almost 18 months walked away with them (he makes me so proud too!)

Oh and I managed to place my designs on Etsy


Anonymous said...

zie ginds komt de stoomboot...
't wordt ieder jaar vroeger, vind je niet?
zo commercieel is minder leuk als vroeger. dat is een ding wat zeker is!!

somepinkflowers said...


*stoomboot* = ~steamboat~


saint nic comes from Spain!

i love that part
as so many good things
do come from there...

[ your kids
will have their own
etsy shop
before you know it! ]

Unknown said...

Hoi Marita,

We wonen niet in Nederland, de kinderen hebben er nooit gewoond, dus voor ons begint Sinterklaas pas als hij ook echt in het land is. Of dit jaar een paar dagen ervoor vanweg "". Dus gelukkig worden we bespaard van de meeste commercie eromheen.


Dear SPF,

Your Dutch is excellent

I agree so many good things come from Spain. I adore tapas, Miro, Gaudi...

LOL, I don't want them to grow up so quickly. Last year she turned six and it made me so sad to think she was already 1/3 of becoming an adult. Where does the time go?

rochambeau said...

Dear Shin,
Thanks for sharing these photos, and tradition. This is the kind of thing I like to hear because I don't have children. Makes me smile. Let me know if you come to the prom. I want to see your frock!!


Laume said...

Cherish those pictures, the years zip by quickly.
My mom incorporated the wooden shoes tradition into our childhood celebrations. On Christmas Eve we left straw for the reindeer in some wooden shoes and in the morning they would be filled with chocolate. I still put out some wooden shoes under my tree each year and fill them. My kids are all grown, or almost all grown, but it's almost time to start the tradition again with my grandkids.

somepinkflowers said...

i have got
to learn how to post comments
on your photo blog!

the tea cup
with your daughter's treasures!

oh, my!


so loved it!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

From Spain on a steamboat? That rocks! It's just so...practical! And by the way, I tagged you, if you'd like...

Unknown said...

lol, yep a steamboat is very practical. Every year with aaaaaaallllll the present for the kids.

and love being tagged :)

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