Sunday, 25 November 2007


I was tagged by wonderful Marnie to name 5 facts about myself, some random, some weird. I'll let you chose whether you find them random or weird.


i - my brother once said "there isn't anything Shin doesn't collect". It's true, there are a lot of things I like having and I start a collection. Only after a little bit I start thinking what to do with it all and stop collecting more. Yet I don't throw them out, so I have a lot of little collection of everything. The only collection I never tire of is my bookcollection, hence the picture, which is really only a very small part of my bookcollection.

ii - One day when the kids are all grown, I want to try Leonardo's sleeping rhythm, which I think was sleeping for 20 minutes, stay awake 4 hours, all day long, every day. You can get a lot done with all those extra hours of awakeness.

iii - I'm the exception to the rule, that a bi- or multilingual person is said to be able to pick up additional languages more easily than others. Even though my Dutch, English are in the range of very good an very fluent and my Korean is quite reasonable (this is what you get with Korean parents, who move to the Netherlands when you're one and your parents get by by using English), I've never managed to master any other language, even though they (German, French, old Greek and Latin) were offered to me when I was younger.

iv - I like having a skull in the living room. Not a real one, but one for drawing purposes. I've had a few weird looks from people from this unless it's near Halloween time. Funnily enough though children seem to think it cool regardless the time of year.

v - One day A Mermaid's Tale popped in my head to use as my website's name. I could hardly sleep that night, wondering whether it was still available as a website's name or not. The funny thing is that I don't even like swimming. So one day I'll write a book about a mermaid who can't swim. :)

I'm supposed to tag 5 new, but I'm not so good at that, partly because on pure mathmatics, chains would cover everybody with a blog within no time at all. So instead I'll give one two three four five of my favorite bloglinks


somepinkflowers said...


i love your memememe
and have never done one
i *will* as soon as i can!


i collect too many things,
as well!
some many treasures Call My Name...

i look forward
to your
Mermaid's Tale
of the non-swimming mermaid...

[ i bet you make the doll first! ]

Unknown said...

Looking forward to yours!

rochambeau said...

Dear Shin,
I'm glad Somepinkflowers posted her meme today and sent me back to this post which I missed yesterday. I value getting to learn more about you , your collection, you skull, etc.!

Unknown said...

aha! a book collection - we're the same there :-) I've dragged mine across the country and back, not willing to be parted. I envy you all the art books...and I love the idea for your story. And a

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