Wednesday, 9 January 2008

HAPPY 2008

A new year already seems well on it's way. I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging, but I'm more a picture than word type of gal, so I've decided to quite blogging. Posting online is very much fun though, so I'll continue with my Flickr and Blipblog. I hope you'll continue to meet me there and of course I'll continue to follow your blogs. See you around.



rochambeau said...

Dear Shinny,
Happy New Year friend!
May this be your best year yet!!
I want to make sure to know how to see your flicker!! Till now, I've been linking from your Mermaid blog. You see, you understand that world and I don't. So, will you please let me know what to do to see your beautiful and inspirational photos? You are such a lovely mermaid. I've sid it before.........but must tell you again, how much your art touches me! Delicate, modern, feminine, unique. All around touches me!! You will be missed in Blog Land!! Just so you know, if I had children I don't think I could ever pull off a blog!!


Unknown said...

COnstance, you are too kind! If you save the following link: you should be able to see my pictures. If you would like to leave comment, you'd have to open a Flickr account, which is Yahoo related and free. I hope I"ll see you there, if not, I'll still meet you on your blog for sure!

somepinkflowers said...

i was hoping
you would change your mind!


but i do understand,
i do!


i just cannot yet leave
you messages on your Blipblog,
even though i visit!

[[ i love the ones
of your sweet babies ]]

will message you on Flikr

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

hi shin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i finally got this to work!!!
well, i actually got a new computer- anyway i was just testing this and am so happy it worked!!!
different people have differents writing styles and communicate in different ways- i know you know this- it should not be a reason for you stop blogging- now if you tell me that there is not enough time in the day- i understand perfectly- i encourage you to continue posting photos here too- take care- i will be in touch soon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow!! i am so schocked it's working!!!!!!!

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