Sunday, 23 December 2012

Holiday Time

Officially the school holidays started last Friday, but it isn't till now that I feel it has really started for me. As always I leave things till the last minute, which meant Thursday I was still working on this year's ornaments. I started making these when my daughter was in Kindergarten and have been making them since every year, which now means making them for three kids and all their classmates. The first always takes a little while to make, but once I'm happy with an idea, it goes quicker to make them all. This year I had to abondon a few ideas because they need me to be too precise. Unfortunatly I don't have the time to work on something too time consuming if I have to make it for three kids and all their classmate and for a friend who has said she wished she had her kids in my kids' class, so she'd get one too. So since last year I've been making a special one just for her with her family members' pictures. Hurray for Facebook to be able to get images without having to ask for recent pictures. This year was the first time I used fabric instead of paper, which I've done in the past. I decided I wanted to make a fabric ball. Of course I could have spend time to make my own, but decided I didn't have time to do that and searched google for a template of a ball.
I think I've mentioned Purl in the past. They have great fabrics and they also have great tutorials, and with them I found a template for a ball shape. I used this template for my design. You can have fabric printed at Spoonflower, where I also have my designs for sale.
Instead of stitching them inside, I decided to do my stitching on the outside inspired by the way Abby Glassenberg's does her birds. To be very honest it also meant I don't have to be as precise on the final closing stitching after they had been stuffed with filling.
Now that I have another look at this final picture, I wish I could have kept them all ;)

To come back why I was busy till today, was because my daughter had another concert. This time a lovely Church dating from Roman times. The Acoustics were very nice in the church and a few ex students of the orchestra who have now flown off to go to university were home for the holidays. They gave the orchestra some extra strength and from all three concerts she gave this month, this was by far the loveliest.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Joys of Internet

One of the joys of internet has always been that you can make friends in unexpected places. One of them is my friend Uta. She makes beautiful pictures and this year she decided to make a Calendar from them. How beautiful and how lucky am I that one came in the post today!

I love everything about this calendar. It is printed on the most gorgeous paper. Very very sturdy cardstock, matte. I love that. The pictures of course are beautiful. She has decided to split the monts in two, so you get twice as much pictures than one which goes by month. The clip is also not the regular black one but metal coloured. And the design I love love love
Now I have a dilemma. I know it sounds odd. But now I have to decide where to hang this beauty. Will I have it guarded by our toy soldier...
Or will I somehow hang it in my favorite window of the house...
To be continued. I have until January to decide ;)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Some tea please

Still with snow on the ground, luckily not turning too much into a slush, but staying nice and crisp, it is time for some tea. The reason I love wintery weather so much is also because it's so nice to return back home to a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa.

I just finished these tea cosies on request. Everybody wanted the same design as the one I use myself, of course each one is different by use of different fabrics.

Now wouldn't it be nice if Toy Soldier here could bring these home to everybody!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Phone covers

Hope you don't mind me continuing about my craft sale.I had some orders in as well and my studio has been a mess. My youngest came inside and said "really mummy, you need to tidy up, it's a mess". And yes he is right ;)
One of the things requested were phoneholders, personalised with pictures on them.
I really like how these turned out and the feel is very warm. If it wasn't for the fact that I just got a new Iphone cover when I was in Korea last month, I'd make one for myself

Saturday, 15 December 2012


When I saw these I wanted to make them too. When I was in Korea last month, I went to Dongdeamun, which is a wholesale market for fabrics and anything related to things you can make with fabric. I passed a little shop which sold velvet in beautiful colours. I thought they'd be perfect for these pine cones
I bought velvet in five colours. When I got home my daughter requested I make her a Christmas skirt as her class would be having a formal Christmas dinner party. Each boy is supposed to act as a perfect gentlemen, help the girls in their chair, request the waiter for more to drink when her glass is empty etc etc. I thought velvet would make a perfect Christmas dress, but as with most things, I leave things till the last and I didn't start it till this morning. Dinner is happening as I'm typing this. Velvet is gorgeous, but as most will know who have worked with velvet before, not the easiest fabric to work with. A while ago I bought a ruffler foot for miss Cordelia (my trusted Bernina sewing machine). I love making ruffles and I used to have to pin the fabric, but now I can just put two fabrics together and with this presser foot, I get instant ruffles. Trust me if you have 17 metres of fabric to ruffle, a ruffler foot is a lifesaver. But alas I found out this morning, not so easily with velvet. I solved the problem by taking a single side of fabric, ruffling it and after that putting it together with the next fabric. And this is the result, my daughter was so happy with the wideness it gets when she twirls.

Friday, 14 December 2012


I hardly ever keep an eye on the weather forecast. Only yesterday I was admiring the beautiful snow pictures of my friend Uta. I love snow. I might skip out on going out for a walk on a sunny day, but I never miss going out in fresh snow. So after envying the snow yesterday, I was very pleasantly surprised that we had gotten our own snow during the night and everything was so beautifully white this morning. My DH and I went out for a walk in the garden of Villa Panza. We were the first ones there except for some animal that had left some marks in the snow and nobody else came. So pretty.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Almost 5 years

I blogged a lot in the past and then I stopped. Several reasons, the most important of course being busy with the kids. I know some moms have no problem doing it all, but I decided to focus on photographing a bit. It has been 5 years since I last posted on this blog which was mainly for my arts and crafts things. I've decided to give it another go and see where this will head to. The youngest is in first grade and I've got plenty of time :) sort of.
Last week I had my first ever home made crafts and it was a huge success. My own designed magnets were a big hit. My writer friend who likes to sew and do crafty things too showed me a magnet machine. It is such a joy to use. The fabric needs to be a bit stiffer for this though and I've learned today that after printing my own designs on printable fabric, instead of taking the paper off, and ironing it onto stiffener, I might as well leave the paper and that is instant stiffener. Yes I know I'm not the only one with one of those Duh moments in life ;) I'm very happy with all the crafts supplies I tend to buy, the empunchlar I once bought in the sale in the times we used to live 5 minutes away from Michaels all of a sudden came in extremely handy as the 1" magnets I have, the actual magnet is smaller and it fits exactly through the circular hole this empunchlar makes. A perfect fit with the cards I designed to go with them. These little coincidences in life make me happy :)
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