Saturday, 15 December 2012


When I saw these I wanted to make them too. When I was in Korea last month, I went to Dongdeamun, which is a wholesale market for fabrics and anything related to things you can make with fabric. I passed a little shop which sold velvet in beautiful colours. I thought they'd be perfect for these pine cones
I bought velvet in five colours. When I got home my daughter requested I make her a Christmas skirt as her class would be having a formal Christmas dinner party. Each boy is supposed to act as a perfect gentlemen, help the girls in their chair, request the waiter for more to drink when her glass is empty etc etc. I thought velvet would make a perfect Christmas dress, but as with most things, I leave things till the last and I didn't start it till this morning. Dinner is happening as I'm typing this. Velvet is gorgeous, but as most will know who have worked with velvet before, not the easiest fabric to work with. A while ago I bought a ruffler foot for miss Cordelia (my trusted Bernina sewing machine). I love making ruffles and I used to have to pin the fabric, but now I can just put two fabrics together and with this presser foot, I get instant ruffles. Trust me if you have 17 metres of fabric to ruffle, a ruffler foot is a lifesaver. But alas I found out this morning, not so easily with velvet. I solved the problem by taking a single side of fabric, ruffling it and after that putting it together with the next fabric. And this is the result, my daughter was so happy with the wideness it gets when she twirls.

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