Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Eye candy

I don't remember how I bumped into this one, but as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. It's a magazine about food, but not just recipes. It combines all I love, good photography, delicious food to be enjoyed with friends and family. It's not your usual food magazine which are normally bought to get some interesting recipes. It's more about stories how people have enjoyed it. When I buy cookery books, I enjoy more the stories aobut food than just getting another recipe. Depending on what you like to get out of a cookery book/magazine, you'll like this too or not :)


somepinkflowers said...

{{ shin,
i have been eying
this magazine as well ...
it is not sold in my town
so i would need
to order a subscription.
is that what you did ?? }}

Unknown said...

Dear Bonnie, no I ordered it through Amazon. Unfortunatly all the older issues are sold out and sell for crazy prices. And with import duties and all, alas it gets too expensive for me to order directly through them.

rochambeau said...

Hi Shinny and HAPPY 2013! I haven't heard of this magazine so THANK YOU!! It looks fantastic!

Are you doing anything creative today? Or did you and your family have an adventure? It is cold and rainy here. Pete and I will go eat at our fav Chinese restaurant an hour away for lunch. Will drive for food, not lazy!

I've thought a lot about your ornaments you made. They inspired me.

Love to you friend,

Unknown said...

Hi Constance!!! I've been working very hard on my website(s). I just finished one. Earlier today we visited friends, which was nice an relaxing. I would drive an hour for a good chinese! I'm still wondering if you managed to plan your venice trip around carnaval. If so I would go to meet you!

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