Monday, 28 January 2013


A few posts ago I was talking about my apple cake. After three batches I'm happy with the outcome now. I've edited the initial recipe I put down there. It might not be the traditional, traditional Dutch Apple Pie anymore, but I do think taste for food changes over time, so adjusting recipes to what people like nowadays is only making life better.


Another favorite recipe of mine are Madeleines. I've made them many many times and this too is a recipe I made several times in a row to get it just right for me. It was ages ago that I did that trial run and I've made them many times since. For me Madeleines is a quickly made homemade snack that everybody will like. Even my oldest son who is not much of a sweet tooth will devour a few of these. Sometimes I hear people say they can never get their Madeleines right and I think it's because of my secret ingredient. Well not so secret as I always gladly share my recipes with anybody who asks for it. I think it's much nicer to share your recipes as you will be thought of fondly whenever somebody decides to make one of your recipes. So my secret ingredient is to add a tablespoon of milk. It deviates from the original recipe, but I think this is what makes it foolproof.


The recipe:


90 gr butter
3 medium eggs
85 gr sugar
140 gr selfraising flour
1 tbsp milk

baking pan needed

2 Madeleine shaped baking pans, which make a total of 24 Madeleines. Of course you can use any regular cupcake baking pan for this recipe, but it defeats the purpose of being able to call them Madeleines, for this you really need a Madeleine shaped pan. I can really recommend the Williams Sonoma one. It is costly, but very much worth its price. The coating stays beautifully and after baking it's so easy to get the Madeleines out without being damaged. Of course it's no problem if you only have one pan, you'll just need to bake in two batches. Don't forget to leave a little butter to rebutter the pans after the first batch


Preheat oven to 185C/350F. Melt the butter. Meanwhile beat the eggs for a few minutes. Gradually add sugar and keep beating till the sugar is dissolved and the egg mixture gets a bit thicker in consistency. Most likely the butter will have melted by now. Butter the Madeleine pans with a little of the melted butter. Add the melted butter and milk, no need to mix or fold, but this needs to be done before you sift in the the selfraising flour. So that is the next step to sift in the selfraising flour. Now you need to fold over the mixture gently. Make sure all flour gets incorperated in the egg mixture and while you do this also make sure you go all the way down to make sure the same thing happens to the butter, which will have sunk to the bottom. By now the batter should have thickened a bit more. If it is still a bit too runny, add a little more flour. Depending on how big your eggs are, it might need just a little extra flour. If you prefer you can add the flour in two batches. Pour the batter into the pans. Bake for 11 minutes. Optionally sift some icing sugar over the Madeleines after they have cooled down. They don't need the extra sweetnes, but they can take it because my recipe is slightly low on the sugar as I like mine not too sweet, but it looks so much prettier. Enjoy

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