Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mail Art

I've been admiring the art of Vivienne Straus through Flickr for quite a while now. I love her paintings. The style somehow reminds me of Charlotte Salomon. Although Charlotte Salomon's work is a bit heavier, but she lived during the second world war, so no wonder. So when Vivienne offered to do a mail art swap last week, I jumped at the chance. I was working against a deadline and finished work for that yesterday. The first thing on my (mental) list to do was to start making some mail art. I also thought BricolageLife would enjoy some swapping of mail art and when I asked her, she did!
Several years ago I used to do a lot of mail art swaps and other round robins. Unfortunatly not everybody holds their end of the deal and a lot got lost, so I sort of stopped doing it.

  Mail Art

Now that I've done these I remember how much fun it is. I use my watercolours for journalling, but swapping art is a different fun altogether.



vivienne strauss said...

I clicked on your photo on flickr and was pleasantly surprised to see myself mentioned in the post! Thank you! I'm so looking forward to receiving your mail and and working on one to send back :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Vivienne! I haven't had a chance to go to the post office today (they said feb 4th). I hope the stamps are not sold out again if I go tomorrow ;)

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