Monday, 28 January 2013


I don't think there is anybody who wouldn't get excited over a publication that features your own photograph, especially when it comes delivered to your door by registered mail. When DHL rang, I was wondering what it could be. I hadn't ordered anything. As I walked inside with the parcel I noticed the departure address which is Solms and I immediatly knew it had arrived.

The parcel

I haven't had my Leica for that long. Not even a year. I got it in March last year and when I saw this submission for selfportraits taken with a Leica camera, I submitted my very first self portrait with my own Leica. I never thought it would get published in their book, but see now a real Leica publication and I'm in

That's my picture

Of course it had to be recorded with an SP. Actually taken on the same spot as the featured picture.

[5] The Book

Thank you Leica!

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