Tuesday, 15 January 2013


I remember when I was younger my mom used to make erwtensoup. Obviously it's not a native dish to Korea, but she picked it up from a friend. In my memory it used to take forever, al though I realise now looking at recipes that it is mostly time spent by the pan on a low fire. I've never made it and it is on my to do list. Meanwhile we took quite a few packages of soup back from the Netherlands. I love to cook elaborately for dinner, but for lunch I like to keep it simple. Everybody in the Netherlands knows Unox and they are the best as soups go (and rookworst for that matter, but that's another story). I thought though if I'd write about the making of the soup being on my todo list, it would have more chance I'd actually make it.

Another thing I do make a lot, which really takes forever is yoghurt. Luckily the forever part is only the waiting and keeping it at the correct temperature. I have to make it often as my sons love it and they both have a lactose intolerance. I make it with lactose free milk and everybody is happy. The good thing with this winter weather is that the chilling can be done outside.



Unknown said...

I love soup, its little too hot here in Australia too eat it at the moment though!

Unknown said...

You could try a cold soup, although I'd have to say I like my soup warm. Thanks for dropping by :)

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