Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Yesterday somehow I had the urge to photograph our dinner. There are a lot of dinner photos out there, but nobody's dinner photos inspire me as much as those of Astrid.


As it turns out, today I was very glad I photographed that dinner yesterday for several reasons. I was actually never really attached to that table. We bought it because if you move as much as we do, you sometimes quickly need a table and in that case Ikea does a really good job. Ever since I've been looking for a table which had certain requirements. I was looking for certain dimension and character. Can a table have character, well if you listen a lot to the Beautiful South, it can. This table had it all, the correct dimensions (75x180cm, well 179cm to be exact) and character.According to the lady of the shop it is 19th century, my husband dryly remarked that if so, it was the last part of the 19th century, meaning doubting the age of the table nonetheless a table with character. Hurray for Facebook, as we didn't have a need for the old table, I put it on Facebook and it was gone within 30 minutes. Even though I was never attached to the table to have photographed it's last dinner by chance, turned out to be special after all.

Dinner Time

Having done that yesterday, of course today the same thing needed to be done. While doing so I thought I might as well give you our recipe for Kimchi Bokkum bap. I always freeze any white rice I have left and if you would ever have some kimchi leftover which has gone too sour, it is still perfect for this.

The recipe:


1 large knob of butter
1 onion (big or small doesn't matter, you'll know whether you like a lot or a little onion in your dish)
1 medium/large carrot
half a cup frozen peas
4 cups previously frozen rice, defrosted (defrosted rice works better than fresh rice as there is more bite to it. Fresh rice is too soft, although if you don't have otherwise it will work fine. That goes for any dish of fried rice)

2 eggs
1 cup of kimchi (again a bit more or less doesn't matter too much)

Chop the onion in small pieces. Do the same with the carrots. Melt the butter in the pan, fry the onion till soft. Add the carrots and rice. Meanwhile lightly beat the eggs and cut the kimchi in smaller pieces whilst occasionally stirring the rice. When rice is heated through, make a little room to scramble the egg in the same pan. When lightly scrambled stir it through the rice (it's all a one pot dish). Add the kimchi and peas. 

Voila a very Korean Dish

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rochambeau said...

Hey there! It's so nice that you have these photos to recount these special moments in time!! And you and your family are fortunate to have one another Shin to enjoy life and food together with!!

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