Monday, 21 January 2013

walk around town

Yesterday we had a bit of snow. Nothing much though and when we went out for walk, it was also raining ever so lightly.

We passed the old preschool our youngest used to go to. It was nice to see some colour on this otherwise grey and dull day.

Here in Italy sometimes you pass a building and you just wonder why. Wonder what it is that they plan to do with a building and why did they paste this doorway up like this

We came down these slippery steps

And when I came down the kids joyfully screeched, don't worry mamma, we will catch you when you fall

Luckily we all survived


rochambeau said...

Hi Shin,
It is a really a joy to see your family and to see what is in your world as you walk around!! Especially I like that last photo of you and your husband and the kids!! What a colorful bunch you make out on this dreary day. And the festoons in front of the school were great.

About the doorway.....that IS weird. It saddens me when people who own property, don't properly care for it. I can think of a few of those in our town.

Hope your New Year is coming along well~Shin!!


Unknown said...

Thanks Constance, The new year is coming along well. Hope yours is too! xxx Shin

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