Monday, 14 January 2013


I like doing all different sorts of creative things. Certain periods I sew a lot, Mary detail
then other times I do a lot of
mixed media. This is one of my favorites I bumped into today.


or paint.


But one thing that is always present is my photography. In 2008 I officially started professionally and as I like designing myself, building websites is also something I like doing myself. At the time I was too busy and had it done by somebody else, but now this year I've decided to take it back into my own hands. I love writing websites in flash. The effects you can create are more seamlessly done than in html, well at least with my knowledge of html. There is still a lot to be learned and I'm already thinking how I can improve the site, but I'm proud of the fact that I'm mostly selftaught. I hope you'll have a look and any critique is more than welcome. So here goes with ShinY New Pictures


rochambeau said...

WOnderful to see ALL of your talents! I'm so glad we met this way.

Unknown said...

Thanks Constance! So am I

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