Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Corners of my home

One of my proud possessions is this old architects cabinet. Of course it is great to save large pieces of paper in there. It has a total of 9 drawers and of course I can keep lots of things on top as well. It has a little undecorated mask from Venice. The Venice Carnival is on right now. Not that I have a specific top 10 list of things I would like to see, but if you would have asked me, I would have answered with Venice during Carnival. Living relatively close, I had the chance to go the previous two years and hope to go this year as well.

Architects cabinet

Then I also got these letterboxes when I once bought a letterpress through ebay. They are filled with letters and I've tried letterpressing, but it is a bit too much work, so I've decided to donate the letters to a museum which has a beautiful letterpress department. It's a museum about how the Netherlands used to be and I can really recommend if you ever happen to be in the neighbourhood of Arnhem.
Letter boxes

This little cart with wooden blocks is something my husband used to play with whenever he'd visit his grandfather. I like the look of them knick knacks


Debra said...

I have very fond memories of the carnivale.

Unknown said...

Yes it is something magical isn't it. Thanks for dropping by :)

rochambeau said...

COOL Shin! You scored big time!

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