Thursday, 7 February 2013

Forgotten gems

The Three Musketeers



Only a few days ago I wrote on how organised I am nowadays to record my film takings on Iphone. Yesterday evening I started organising them in actual maps with indexprints. I've been taking a few more rolls of film lately, and in the past year I've done a few odd ones. Much to my surprise I found several negatives which I had never scanned before. I do remember getting distracted and knowing I hadn't scanned all, but I completely had forgotten about it. I do remember that I found it odd that it only went to 22, but that can happen. I also occasionally ask for them to not cut the filmroll, so I was also not missing the plastic sheet where you hold your little cut strips of film. And it was a roll which they gave me an indexprint with. Normally they don't do that when you have it developed only (this is Italy), but this time they had. So I must have been less curious as to what everything looked like, since I had seen it on indexprint. So of course I scanned them right away. They feel like little forgotten gems to me. I took those pictures in Blair Castle.

indexsheets through Lightroom

To come back to the organising. I can really recommend Lightroom. It is a relatively not too expensive piece of software. Of course there are freeware programs out there, but I think Lightroom really gives so much more. Not only is it extremely good in touching up some picture. Unless I need some [cough, cough] assistence for my levitation pictures, I would choose Lightroom over Photoshop. It is a great organising tool. It took a few tries to get them exactly perfect, the orientation, the naming of files, enough border. But now they are perfect. Aren't indexprints the nicest to look at. Well of course except for old fashioned contact sheets. Those are even nicer.


Debra said...

I'm a big fan of Lightroom. I almost never use photoshop. i can't decide whether the strongest power of Lightroom lies in the intuitive non-destructive editing, or the photo management. I still can't get my head around printing in Lightroom though. But most prints I make these days are in the darkroom, where Lightroom is no use at all.

Unknown said...

Ah yes darkroom [sigh]. I hardly use B/W. I like seeing them with other people, but I need colour in my pictures. I've tried B/W, but it's just not me. I don't print at home. Actually I hardly print any individual pictures anymore. I always make a yearbook once a year has passed. I'm actually in the making of 2012 right now.

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