Monday, 18 February 2013

Trenino Rosso

Trenino Rosso AKA the Bernina Express

Trenino Rosso AKA the Bernina Express

Trenino Rosso AKA the Bernina Express

Trenino Rosso AKA the Bernina Express




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Trenino Rosso AKA the Bernina Express







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The Trenino Rosso also known as the Bernina express. So if you're looking for a Bernina sewing machine like my miss Cordelia, most likely you'll end up seeing links for this train if you only google Bernina. The train normally rides from Tirano Italy to St. Moritz Switzerland. It goes through beautiful mountainous area which in winter of course is very white. We took the train in the morning. Had a most delicious lunch. Sorry if the food is so good, I always forget to take pictures. Then we took a stroll over the lake, which was mostly frozen. It was quite odd to see a cricket match on the ice with a piece of green rolled out. And that house in the making with those windows... sigh. Not necessarily in St. Moritz for me where people dress, well ... dress. It was fun walking around and to see it. The train ride was beautiful, although difficult to take good pictures because of the reflection, but then reflection sometimes can give nice pictures


vivienne strauss said...

What gorgeous photos!

Unknown said...

Thanks Vivienne! :)

molly::applecyder said...

This makes me want to go skiing!! I can't believe I lived in Germany for as long as I did and only make it to the Alps once for a ski trip. Your photography is lovely.

kelly said...

haha, I read your text while the photos were loading and wondered about your comment "dress, well... dress...." hahahahaha now I see!

gorgeous (and some funny) photos - wish I could see all that in person - glad you and the kids could!

Unknown said...

Thanks Molly. Yes St. Moritz is "the" place to Ski. I'd have to say riding through that beautiful landscape by train, it is indeed beautiful. We saw quite some beautiful Ski pistes.

Thanks Kelly! You are sweet!

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