Friday, 8 March 2013

New Beginnings

After having festive times in December, when January 1st comes around people are full of hope with the beginning of a New Year and many make New Year's resolutions. I've never quite believed in them, because somehow they quite often seem to fail with people. And it's only just now as I'm writing this post, it suddenly dawned on me why this could be. When you think of it, it is actually not the best time to do so. Quite often January and February are a bit gloomy months. Even if people like me love snow and the winter sun, there is just not enough of it. I think your body needs more, so there is always a little bit of doom in those months. Not a good environment for trying something new to succeed. My previous post was about Spring. Even though technically it hasn't started yet, the seasons always seem to get a head start. Doesn't everybody talk of winter when it hasn't really begun till December 21st. Of course I'm talking Northern Hemisphere. I've never been to the Southern Hemisphere, so I don't know how that feels like. If you are wondering where I'm headed with all this rambling, it's because over here we've had the first signs of Spring. With all the new things starting to grow, I feel like starting new things. I've been diving deeper into what it is that I would like to do or achieve with this blog. Even though I still haven't figured that out completely, I do have it figured out that it was time for a new name. I've used A Mermaid's tale for quite a long time now. I've kind of used it to use it for all my arts and craft endeavors. And I've used ShinY New Pictures for my photography. So the blog name A Mermaid's blog was supposed to be more related to my arts and crafts things. I've decided to bring those two things together. How I still don't know, but as I was trying to figure out how all this redirecting of blogs works, I thought I might as well change the name already. Lemon and Peach all of a sudden popped into my head a few weeks back. And as I started thinking about it, it made perfect sense it would be a good name for what I'm trying to do. Lemon and Peach, sweet and sour. Things that combine, but on the other hand are distinctly different. Although actually it's not the very best time to change, as it is not a season for peaches... I will try to get a beautiful picture of lemons and peaches together. In the meantime I will share the pictures of me and my kids who were most helpful to pose for me and my new camera, which is a Rolleiflex. Would you like to start something new, now that it is Spring?




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