Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Having moved house, even countries this Summer has taken much more time than I had expected. The move itself went flawlessly and putting everything in a new spot went surprisingly quickly. The kids started school in September and even getting into a rhythm seemed to go smoothly, but I've found myself not doing a lot of things workwise. Just letting things pass quietly. Nice and enjoyable We have been very lucky with the Dutch weather. It has been sunny and warm with very little rain. That has changed the last few days. It has rained a lot. But I quite like the rain. Even if you have to go outside, it's never as bad as you think it is, once you get out there and the reward of getting back into the house is twice as nice. It gives a warm and cosy feeling. So yes early Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The colours in nature become so rich. Seeing chestnuts, picking them up, it makes me happy. The colour brown of a wet glistening chestnut is so beautiful. Somehow it has given me more energy to get started again workwise :)

One of the many things we enjoy about being back is being near family. This is my youngest who was so happy his aunt let him make this pie all by himself. Usually at home he gets to help, but not really do everything himself. His aunt is better in letting him do everything.

note to self: bake more, but bake less ;)

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Unknown said...

That looks good! My kids are still young but when they get older I would like to cook/bake more with them=)

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