Thursday, 21 November 2013

No flash please

What camera do you use? Most people or actually photographers always want to know what camera the other photographer shoots with. If you are female and shoot with Nikon, it is popular referred to as being a Nikon girl. Now I can no longer say that. Even though I still shoot with Nikon, especially if it gets darker, especially indoor shoots, or if I can't afford to take leisurely time to take a shot. Any other time I prefer to take my other camera, which is a rangefinder. Initially I misunderstood and thought my Nikon flash wouldn't fit on this rangefinder. But a few days ago I found out it will fit. So lately I've been playing around with the flash quite a bit. My son was playing the violin and I thought it was the perfect moment to test it, but I got a friendly smile and the request please not to use the flash, as it blinded him too much. Alas the saga will have to continue with some other subject matter to practise ;)

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