Friday, 29 August 2014


It's been a long time since I rode on the back of a bike. The purpose was to go to the Station to go to Utrecht a pretty town in the middle of the Netherlands. One of the good things in the Netherlands is that the bicycle is an important method of transportation, making the average Dutchman very green. I went with my SIL and our daughters. The latter two went shopping by themselves and my SIL had to work, so I could stroll around in my own pace. I enjoyed it a lot.

I loved the flower baskets in the town of Utrecht.

The Dom is one of the major, if not "the" major trademark of the town of Urecht. You can easily spot it while walking around the center of town.

It's always nice to walk into bookstores in other towns. I like this one, they had a good collection and they displayed it well.

Pretty dress in a shopwindow always draw my attention

So do small flowering cacti, even though I wouldn't want them for in the house.

We all met up an hour before it was time to go back home in de Bakkerswinkel which later turned out to be a chain. Nevertheless it had a very nice atmosphere.

Their downstairs is very pretty.

We decided to order three cakes and divide them into fours leaving everybody a small piece of each cake. The waitress and my SIL were very impressed by how I had cut the bigger cakes into small pretty triangles. It's almost worth writing an essay about "how to divide a cake"


Jane said...

Perfect that I found your post on Utrecht now. I've recently moved to west Germany, much closer to the Dutch border, and an old college friend of mine recommended Utrecht as a good easy trip from here. Feel better prepared now!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you found it useful! :) Enjoy Utrecht, it's a pretty little town

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