Sunday, 9 November 2014

Frans Hals Museum

Today I went to the Frans Hals museum, all by myself. Hubby had to be somewhere near and the kids said they had too much homework. To be honest if the kids could have come along, I would have chosen a different museum, as they are not too fond of museums with 17th century paintings.

It was yet again a beautifully sunny day. Again I cannot say enough how beautiful this Fall has been.

Beautiful blue skies today

Next to the museum was a quilt shop with the cutest mini quilt shop replica. 
I can look at this for ages.

17th century "rijtjeshuizen"

The "wallpaper" (actually wallfabric) was gorgeous in a certain room

Sneaking in an SP

and another

A favorite: "from where I stand"

This is the garden and perhaps the main reason I went
See last picture

Looking outside from the inside

Again, those windows are beautiful

Just one dollhouse in the museum, a beautiful one

I thought this was a beautiful detail of a painting

A sweet grandpa taking round his grandkids


Just looking up

And this picture was taken a long long time ago. 
I knew at the Frans Hals museum and I've been
wanting to go back to see this sculpture. 
Glad I saw it today (see above). 
Now I want to go back again with my own kids


Debra Wilson said...

Love that last photo. You need to go back with your kids and take that shot with them!

Unknown said...

Thanks Debra, yes I know, it's on my list ;)

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